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Welcome to Zante

Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. It is the third largest of the Ionian islands, covering 410 kmĀ² and second biggest in terms of population with 40.650 inhabitants. Here you will find a map that will help you find all important places that you can't afford to miss on your trip to the island. Zakynthos, also known as Zante offers a unique tourist infrastructure. Zakynthos, also known as Zante offers a unique tourist infrastructure. Zakynthos under its history has been under the rule of Greeks, French and the Brits, making the cultural blend of Zante absolutely unique.

Zakynthos has a typical Mediterranean climate, during the summer, the weather is almost always sunny and warm. The air in Zante is usually hot during the day and pleasantly warm during the night. Making the town of Zante an ideal place for a night stroll. The Ionian islands are somewhat less dry than other parts of Greece. This is due to the Pindus mountain range, located in the mainland Greece.

Zante offers a high quality tourist infrastructure. It is easy to get to Zakynthos either by boat, car and ferry, with the Greek distance buses or by plane, as there is a new airport that was built in 2008 to replace the old one. Good transportation is available all over the island and quality accommodation is easy to find if you book ahead. Hotels, villas and apartments available, but camping is also an option.

The island is well known for its resorts, that covers a wide variety of tastes. The most well know of Zantes resorts are those of Laganas, Keri, Agios Sostis, Argassi, Tsilivi and Kalamaki. Laganas is prpably the bigger tourist destination and offers a magical beach together with an intense nightlife. But as said, the resorts cover all tastes and more quiet resorts are also availabe.

There are many things to see on the beautiful island of Zakynthos. The most known of witch is certainly the famous shipwreck (navagio) beach. The shipwreck is located in an isolated beach in the north part of the island. The marvelous blue caves is a sight you certainly must not miss. But apart from the rich natural beauty that Zakynthos has to offer, there are also the Venetian castle and many museums of with many interesting cultural and historical exhibits.

Zakynthos is the home of the endangered Caretta Caretta sea turtle. Flights to and from the Zante intrenational airport are prohibited during the night, in order to protect this turtle. Conservations efforts is being made to protect, with the community taking an active part in this effort. It is possible to see these magnificent creatures with a boat. But of course it must be done with care as not to harm or distress the turtles.

The people on Zante are very friendly and are known for their hospitality. On Zakynthos you always feel welcome and one visit may not prove enough. People who choose Zakynthos as their travel destination, tend to fall in love with it and always seek ways to come back.


Shipwreck Beach
image of the shipereck The beach of the Shipwreck is one of the most famous in the world. It owes its distinct beauty to its exotic image. When in 1983, a smugglers ship was left wayward we all were fortunate enough that the ship ended up on this beach. Read more...

Caretta Caretta
image of the Caretta Caretta Caretta Caretta, or the loggerhead turtle is an endangered oceanic turtle that lives in the mediterranean. Many turtles find their shelter on the beaches of Zakynthos. An average Caretta Caretta reaches 90cm of lenght at the age of maturety. Read more...

Blue Caves
image of the Blue Caves The blue caves are some peculiar geographical formations, witch has resulted in the creation of a series of caves. The caves took their name from their mainly cyan colors that are reflected on them by the blue waters, on the area in the inner part of these formations. Read more...